Wellness Bundle – Microgreens + Juice

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Wellness Bundle – Greens + Juice

We take one pound of freshly harvested wheatgrass and juice it for you! Choose from Wheatgrass + apple, Wheatgrass + pineapple, or Wheatgrass + cucumber. If you have a special request just let us know. You will have the opportunity to fill in your request at checkout.

Bottle Swap! In an effort to reduce plastic waste we bring your wheatgrass juice in a reusable glass bottle. After your first juice delivery, we will take your empty glass bottle and provide you with a new one every delivery day!

All of our greens are grown with certified organic seed & OMRI listed growing materials.

Microgreens Options

1 Microgreen Variety + 1 Wheatgrass Juice (24 oz), 2 Microgreen Varieties + 1 Wheatgrass Juice (24 oz), 3 Microgreen Varieties + 1 Wheatgrass Juice (24 oz), 4 Microgreen Varieties + 1 Wheatgrass Juice (24 oz), 5 Microgreen Varieties + 1 Wheatgrass Juice (24 oz)

Juice Options

Wheatgrass + Apple, Wheatgrass + Pineapple, Wheatgrass + Cucumber


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