Pasture Raised Chicken

Our pasture raised chicken is free range and pasture raised outdoors, grass fed & supplemented with a NON GMO grain (corn and soy free). Our pasture raised chickens are never fed drugs of any kind, making for juicy tender free range chicken all raised on our local farm in Texas.  

The Superfood Garnish

In the last 20 years, microgreens have grown in popularity among chefs because of their ability to inject a diverse spectrum of appearances, flavors, and textures to a variety of dishes. With the simple addition of fresh colorful microgreens, you can turn an ordinary dish into an elegant masterpiece. Whether you are a chef, catering company, or restaurant distributor Ninogreens can custom grow to your needs.

Juices & Smoothies

In the health and wellness industry, the demand for nutrient-rich green juices and smoothies is always present. This is why microgreens are an excellent addition to any juice and smoothie bar. Stand out from the competition by displaying living organic microgreens that are cut fresh with each and every order. Whether it’s kale, spinach, or sunflower shoots that you are looking for, Ninogreens has all of your microgreen needs covered.

A Nutritional Powerhouse

Did you know that microgreens can contain between 4 and 40 times more nutrition (vitamins and minerals) than the full grown plant? This means that even an ounce of microgreens can be equivalent to eating a large salad full of veggies. Imagine how much easier it would be to nourish your family with adequate vegetable intake when all they have to eat is the crunchy garnish placed on their tacos or sandwiches.

Microgreens Customized to Your Needs

Whether you are a catering company looking to provide a beautiful meal for a wedding, a chef wanting to show off your culinary skills, a restaurant distributor looking to cater to high-end restaurants, or a juice bar wanting to nourish health enthusiasts, The Farm at Fireside Ranch can grow specifically for your needs.

We can deliver freshly harvested microgreens weekly or monthly based on need directly to your business. You can choose to purchase full living trays that can be harvested daily as needed, or you can purchase freshly cut and washed microgreens ready to use. All freshly cut microgreens will be harvested on the same day of delivery thus guaranteeing peak freshness.

Chefs & Restaurants


We get really excited about working with local Chefs. It’s amazing to see these creative folks take a super fresh product and turn it into something spectacular. 

Plus, when chefs and farmers work together, that means more local food on more local plates and that is a big win for all of us!

If you are a Chef in the West Kootenay’s and you are looking for premium quality, delicious microgreens for your menu, look no further. 

We would love to work with you to bring our products to your menu, so let’s connect! 



We are excited to stock our microgreens at many amazing retail locations throughout the West Kootenay’s. 

If you are a produce manager or store owner and would like our premium products on your shelves, give us a shout. We would love to hear from you and work together to increase access to healthy, local food year-round.

(You can also take a sneak peek at our retailer’s guide here).

Microgreen CSA


Our microgreen CSA program delivers fresh, healthy greens directly to your door. This is something we love to do… and we’ve learned that our customers love it, too! Each year we expand our delivery route to include more households. The more mouths we can feed, the better for everyone!

Are you tired of eating tasteless, poor quality, imported greens through the winter? Our microgreens are the exact opposite. Packed with flavor. & organic nutrition. And grown locally, right here in Texas.

To learn how you can sign up and get fresh greens all year long, give us a shout!